Application Programming Interface


The Exchange API enables developers to write their own tools to search existing ticketpplic inventory, manage their own inventory, and create orders.


The web service is based on Representational State Transfer, or REST This simply means that each resource can be referenced by its own URL, and the actions performed on that resource correspond to HTTP methods. For instance, to fetch data you would issue a GET request for the desired resource with any options specified as query parameters.


There are two distinct environments available for the API. The production environment is the one your production applications should use, but a sandbox environment is also provided for testing your integrations. The sandbox is an environment completely isolated from production, but some of its data is based on the data from the production environment.

Controlling Your API Settings



Signing requests with X-Signature


Pagination and Conditionals

Rate Limits

API Credential Types

Placing Test Orders

Mailing List

Our low-volume mailing list for developers who are integrating with the TEvo API will keep you informed of changes, additions, and improvements to our APIs. Sign up at .


Current Version

The current version of our API is version 9, indicated by using /v9/ in the URI.


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