Placing Test Orders

Our Sandbox environment provides a safe place for creating test orders where you can simulate all aspects of the order creation process including credit card processing (if you have asked us to set this up on your Sandbox account).

Our Sandbox environment is updated nightly with new events, performers, venues, etc. Additionally, inventory is automatically generated for all events to ensure that there is always inventory for you to test with. Because the inventory is automatically generated you may see oddities such as sections or rows that do not actually exist at a given venue or you may see ticket groups with formats that are not accurate (such as AXS/Flash at a Ticketmaster venue).

The public notes for each ticket group will explain what will happen to orders created for that ticket group. Orders will do one of the following:

  • Remain in a pending state

  • Be accepted but not fulfilled

  • Be rejected

  • Be accepted and “fulfilled” according to the format of the ticket_group as per below


Mobile Transfer orders will be “fulfilled” as if the seller had transferred the tickets to the supplied email address and upon confirmation provided us with a URL that can also be used to access the tickets.


Flash/AXS orders will be “fulfilled” as if the seller had transferred the tickets to the supplied email address and upon confirmed with us that they had completed the transfer.


Ticket orders will be “fulfilled” with generic PDFs indicating the seat numbers.


Physical ticket orders will be “fulfilled” by having the FedEx label generated which will allow you to then see the tracking number associated with the shipment.

Order Notifications (Webhooks)

We offer the ability to provide us with a URL to which we can send various webhooks regarding order progress. You can provide separate URLs or Sandbox and Production if you like.

Although TEvo provides many transactional emails you may take advantage of to alert your customer and yourself to order progress these emails are not sent in the Sandbox environment.

Test Events

Additionally, we have a few “Test Events” which you will need to use to create some orders before being granted access to the Production environment.

982605: Test Event (Test Purchases Only) at Test Venue in West Hollywood, CA

982604: Test Event Taxable (Test Purchases Only) at Test Venue Taxable in Plano, TX

Test Event Taxable is located in an area where we are required to collect tax so any Tax Quotes created for tickets from that event should show tax amounts to be collected (unless you have resale certificates on file).

Both of those events contain tickets of all various formats and types in nearly every combination including:

  • Tickets that are in hand

  • Tickets that Not In Hand

  • Handicap/ADA Accessible

  • Sales Booster discount

The tickets for these events are replenished multiple times per day.