Processing Orders via Webhooks

Webhooks are the fastest and least resource intensive way for you to know when a new order has been placed for your tickets. When a buyer submits an order to TEvo we will send a webhook to a URL you provide to alert you that a new order for your tickets has been created.

Webhook Properties

Webhooks are sent as an application/x-www-form-urlencoded POST to a URL which you provide to TEvo. All webhooks will include an order_group_id, recipient, event_type, and body. TEvo provides many different webhooks, including ones for purchases.


All TEvo orders have an identifier that looks like 4606857-10324712. The order_group_id is the first portion of that identifier, 4606857 in this example.


The recipient parameter identifies if the webhook is being sent to the buyer or seller.


Indicates what event triggered the current webhook.


The JSON-encoded order, essentially the response from the Orders / Show endpoint.

If you receive a webhook for which you do not wish to take any action you should return a 202 or 200 status code.

Processing New Orders

New orders which should trigger a sale in your Point of Sale will have recipient=seller and event_type=order_created.


Sales to TEvo

Sales where TEvo is the buyer are the most common type of sales you can expect to see. These sales can be identified by examining the order in the body for buyer.type=Office &

Sales to a Client

If a seller has a website powered by the TEvo API or they utilize Core to create sales to Clients then any sale where tickets are being sold their client can be identified by examining the order in the body for buyer.type=Client.

When invoicing these sales you should search the Point of Sale for a customer matching the Client. If no matching customer is found then one should be created using the buyer information before creating an invoice selling those tickets to the client.

If the seller utilizes our Riskified fraud service you should ensure the fraud_check_status of the order is approved before creating the order.

If a sale to a buyer.type=Client has a fraud_check_status=pending then we are awaiting an approval or detail from Riskified. Riskified will send TEvo periodic updates, each one of which will trigger a webhook with recipient=seller & event_type=fraud_response_received. The sale should don't be invoiced until one is received where the fraud_check_status=approved.


Updating Existing Orders

Update to existing orders will have recipient=seller and the event_type will indicate what type of change has been made.

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Processing New Purchases

New purchases which should trigger a Purchase Order in your Point of Sale will have recipient=buyer and event_type=order_accepted.

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Updating Existing Purchases

Update to existing purchases will have recipient=buyer and the event_type will indicate what type of change has been made.

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