Hosted Checkout

In addition to offering full white-labeled ticketing websites, Ticket Evolution offers a hosted a checkout which allows you to send the customer to our hosted site to complete their purchase. The customer remains your customer, but Ticket Evolution will handle all of the complexities of the checkout process including offering additional payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Implementing Hosted Checkout

  1. Your Ticket Evolution sales representative will create the hosted checkout at the domain of your choosing. The domain must be different than the one your site uses. Many customers opt to use something like

  2. Follow our instructions for pointing this new domain to our servers.

  3. When your customer selects tickets on your the link should take them to

    1. should be the domain selected for your checkout

    2. :event_id is the ID of the Event

    3. :ticket_group_id is the ID of the ticket group to purchase

    4. ?quantity=2 Is optional and if included will cart the given quantity of tickets. If omitted a quantity selector will be presented.