02. Basic Terminology

Before you get started developing a ticket resale site or app you will want to know a little about some terminology we use throughout the API. The Ticket Evolution API includes Performers, Venues, Configurations, Events, and Ticket Groups.


Performers are an entity who will be playing/competing/performing at the Event. A performer could be a

  • Band (Guns ‘N’ Roses)
  • Team (New Orleans Saints)
  • Individual musician (Billy Joel)
  • Speaker (Dave Ramsey)
  • Comedian (Lisa Lampanelli)
  • Annual Event (Kentucky Derby)
  • Play/Musical/Theatrical Performance (Hamilton)


Venues are the specific locations where an event/game/performance takes place. Some examples:

  • Madison Square Garden
  • Fenway Park
  • Mercedes-Benz Superdome


Venues have one or more configurations which is a layout or stage setup for particular events such as sports, concerts, or even specific concert tours where the stage is a custom layout. Each configuration will include a static seating chart image.


Events are the individual performances/competitions for which you are buying/selling tickets. Every event includes at least one Performer (but may have many) at a single Venue at a specific time (the {{occurs_at}} property). When an event is a game the “home team” Performer will be marked as primary and the “away team” will not. When an event is a concert with multiple bands/musicians the “headliner” will be marked as primary and any “opening bands” will not.

Some events may include a performer that is also the name of the event. An example of this is the Super Bowl. All year long the Super Bowl event will have a single Performer named Super Bowl, but as the teams that will be playing are decided they will be added to the event resulting in having three Performers attached to the event: Atlanta Falcons (primary since they were designated as the “home team”), New England Patriots, and Super Bowl.

Ticket Groups

Ticket Groups are collections of adjacent seats owned by the same supplier and could there be a single ticket or dozens of tickets within that ticket group. The cost of each ticket within the ticket group is the same and all seats purchased from the ticket group will be adjacent, if the tickets are not for general admission or standing room only (SRO).