TEvo Order Integration: supporting auto-confirm

To achieve order integration on the Ticket Evolution marketplace, we expect that there will be support for three endpoints on the inventory management system/automation provider. More specifically:

  • hold call to confirm the availability of the inventory being purchased. A successful response will put the inventory on hold in the system of record.
  • A hold release call to release inventory in case there is an issue on our side. A successful response will release the hold for that inventory.
  • An invoice or purchase call to ensure the inventory is sold out from the POS system. A successful response will sell out the inventory in the system of record as TEvo as the buyer.

What we Expect

  • Integration will be done against a RESTful API.
  • All responses will be in a JSON formatted response body.
  • All response times will return on average within 5 seconds.
  • Automators will provide documentation which will include but not be limited to response codes for each endpoint with details on what each code means.
  • Automator will provide an API Key that we will use when making calls to the endpoints

Hold Requests

  • TEvo will do all validations on our end prior to making the hold request.
  • The hold request will include the following attributes:
    • Remote ID provided by the supplier when the inventory was provided to TEvo
    • Quantity of tickets being purchased
    • Global ID - which will be used to sync hold, hold release and invoice calls.
  • A successful response will represent that the tickets have been put on hold and are available to TEvo for purchase.

Hold Release

  • TEvo will release the hold on the inventory if there was an issue creating the final order on our side. 
  • The hold release call will include the following attributes:
    • Global ID - This will allow the automator to link the hold release call to the initial hold call.


  • Upon successful hold, TEvo will make an Invoice/Purchase call shortly afterwards.
  • The Invoice call will include the following attributes:
    • TEvo Order ID
    • Global ID - This will allow the automator to link the invoice create call to the initial hold call.
  • Any errors returned via the Invoice/Purchase call will be the responsibility of the seller to resolve as these tickets have been confirmed to put on hold and have been committed to the buyer.