Pagination and Conditionals


Endpoints that support pagination allow you to adjust the quantity and range of results returned. The following query parameters will let you change the result set size for the list endpoints and access additional pages.

  • per_page - defaults to 100, maximum of 100

  • page - defaults to 1


Some endpoint parameters allow the following modifier suffixes to be appended to the parameter name to allow filtering/searching by range.

  • .eq - equal (case-sensitive)

  • .not_eq - not equal (case-sensitive)

  • .gt - greater than

  • .gte - greater than or equal

  • .lt - less than

  • .lte - less than or equal

For example, this query would find all of the events occurring between May 15 and May 20, 2023:

1 /v9/events?occurs_at.gte=2023-05-15&