HOWTO: Support Integrated MLB Sales

Beginning in 2024 Ticket Evolution will be an MLB Authorized Ticket Marketplace which means all MLB sales will be verified and delivered through the team or venue’s primary ticketing provider.

Inventory that does not include the necessary information for verification with the primary ticketing provider may not be listed for sale.

Providing Inventory

All inventory will need to be verified using either the barcode, ticketID, or Verification ID so we have added support for Barcodes, TicketIds, and VerificationIds columns in our Import File Specification. All MLB inventory should have one of these columns populated with a corresponding value for each seat with the values in order from low seat to high seat.

Authorized Brokers

Sellers who are part of MLB’s Authorized Broker program for a team will also need to supply the email address of the ProVenue account in which the inventory resides in the AccountEmail column of the import file. Providing the main parent account email should work for any Authorized Brokers who have multiple Authorized Broker accounts for a team.


Processing Sales

Verified Tickets

When creating an order for MLB inventory that is already verified Ticket Evolution will check with the primary ticketing system and choose the highest seat numbers the primary system tells us are still available from the ticket group that are currently available and will immediately process a transfer of those tickets to the buyer. Sellers and their automators will receive notification of a completed order with a delivery type of barcode which does not need to be accepted by the Seller or Automator. The Automator should ensure that when the sale is recorded in the Point of Sale the same seat numbers are used.

Un-Verified Tickets

At times, Ticket Evolution may show un-verified MLB tickets for sale. When an order is created for these un-verified tickets the Sellers and their automators will receive notification of a pending order with a delivery type of barcode which needs to be accepted by the Seller or Automator.

When the barcodes/ticketIDs/VerifcationIDs are available the Seller’s automator should use the Shipments / Complete endpoint to deliver the information required for delivery. Seller’s will also be able to manually provide the information required for delivery in Core.

Not all tickets are eligible for resale and it is the Seller’s responsibility to ensure that they are only providing resale-eligible tickets. If a sale is created for un-verified tickets and the primary ticketing provider indicates the tickets provided at fulfillment time are not eligible for resale it will be the responsibility of the Seller to provide resale-eligible replacements.