01.1 Getting Access to the Ticket Evolution API (Brokers)

As a broker selling tickets on Ticket Evolution you are able to use the Ticket Evolution API to power your own website. Most brokers utilize either ATBS or Ticket Platform. If you choose to build your own please know that the API is written for experienced developers as there is currently no “plug in” for things like a Wordpress, Shopify, or Squarespace website.

Whether you choose to use ATBS, Ticket Platform, or build your own site you will need a few things to get started.

Merchant Account

Also known as a Merchant Processing Account, this is the account that you use to charge credit cards and this is what determines the rates you pay when accepting credit and debit cards. As an existing broker you probably already have a merchant account. If you do not have an existing merchant account, or if you just wish to get a new quote for rates we recommend Braintree Payment Systems. See below to sign up.

Braintree Gateway

All brokers using the Ticket Evolution API must use the Braintree Gateway in order to safely and securely charge credit cards. Braintree’s Gateway is compatible with most merchant accounts (one exception is Intuit) meaning that you can keep your existing merchant account and existing merchant processing rates. 

If you have an existing merchant account you wish to use you must fill out the Braintree Gateway Only Terms of Service and also have your existing merchant account provider fill out the VAR sheet.

Braintree Gateway Only Terms of Service

ToS for Ticket Evolution - GWO.pdf 

VAR Sheet (to be completed by your existing merchant account provider)

VAR Sheet.pdf

If you need a merchant account in addition to the Braintree Gateway you must fill out the Braintree Multi-Merchant Terms of Service.
ToS for Ticket Evolution - full stack.pdf

When you have completed the necessary documents please email them to onboarding@ticketevolution.com.

Fraud Protection

Although not required, Ticket Evolution does recommend that you utilize our fraud protection service which is provided by Riskified. This service costs 1% of the total of all non-fraud orders. If you would like more information let us know by emailing us at onboarding@ticketevolution.com.

Obtaining API Credentials


While you are developing your website/app we can grant you access to our Sandbox where you can do everything you need including create sample orders without affecting real data or making real purchases. Contact onboarding@ticketevolution.com in order to request Sandbox access for your brokerage. Note: ATBS and Ticket Platform customers usually do not usually need Sandbox access.


After your site is complete and you are ready to “go live” we will grant you access to Production where all data is real and all purchases cost real money. If you have built your own site/app we may as you to submit some test orders before we grant Production access. If you are using ATBS or Ticket Platform we will send your API Credentials directly to them in a secure manner.