HOWTO: Automate for Local Pickup feature

In order to ensure proper automation around this new feature, you will have to make some changes to your checkout or POS interface.

There are three endpoints that will need updated calls, in order to ensure full Local Pick Up automation.

The V9/orders#create  The process of adding Local Pickup information during Order creation is the same as any other delivery, but requires passing in the name and phone # of person picking up the tickets, on order create. Should you not have this information during order creation, you will be able to update it at a later time.

NEW End point  V9/shipments#update will allow both the buyer and seller to update details for local pickup (attendee info from buyer and contact info for pickup from sellers). Please note order details can only be updated once. If the info changes after you updated the order, please contact the Ticket Evolution Fulfillment team to adjust.

The V9/shipments/:id/request_details  will allow both the buyer and seller to request delivery details for local pickup if it has not yet been provided.